What is the Oncology Care Summit (OCS)?
The Oncology Care Summit (OCS) is intended to be an annual educational initiative organized by the Greater Los Angeles Oncology Nursing Society (GLAONS). This is the 1st GLAONS Annual Oncology Care Summit. OCS will takes place every year on a Saturday in early September. OCS contributes to success in oncology nursing by orchestrating leading edge presentations by distinguished oncology thought leaders and learning resources from other oncology collaborators. The mission of the GLAONS OCS is to provide a world class oncology CEU educational opportunity to the greatest number of oncology nurses (RNs and Advanced Practice RNs) at the lowest possible cost.

When is OCS 2017?
OCS 2017 is scheduled on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 6 am to 5 pm

Where is OCS 2017?
OCS 2017 takes place in the First Floor Gold Ballroom at the JW Marriott Los Angeles LA LIVE, 900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90015 (tel. # 213-765-8600)

Is there an OCS website?
The conference website will go live in late August 2017.  Visit: www.oncologycaresummit.com to view the Agenda, faculty photos, bios, CVs, presentation objectives, slide decks and more. Documents are posted as they are received from the presenters. We hope to have everything posted and downloadable by one week before OCS.

Do I have to sign-in when I arrive at the hotel?
Nurse registrants must go to the desks in the Foyer outside the Gold Ballroom (Salons 3 & 4) to sign-in and pick up a conference badge and a Passport for the Learning Resource Center. Exhibitors must sign-in at the GLAONS table just inside the Learning Resource Center (Gold Ballroom Salons 3 & 4) starting at 5:30 am. The Learning Resource Center opens at 6:00 am. The Conference Meeting Room opens at 7 am. Sign-in closes at 9 am (no exceptions.) Nurses must sign-in before 9:00 am in order to receive their CEU certificates and scholarship checks (if eligible) at the end of the day.

What rooms will be used for the conference?
Nurse Sign-in: Foyer outside the Gold Ballroom (Salons 3 & 4)
Exhibitor Sign-in: GLAONS display just inside the Gold Ballroom (Salons 3 & 4)
OCS Conference: Gold Ballroom (Salons 1 & 2)
Breakfast, Breaks and Lunch: various
Learning Resource Center (Exhibits): Gold Ballroom (Salons 3 & 4)

Who is participating in OCS 2017?
Approximately 400 nurse registrants from 75+ institutions and practices throughout
southern and central California, 8 faculty from throughout the US, and over 100
representatives from 45 collaborators (exhibiting companies and organizations) along
with Breakfast and Lunch Product Theater speakers will be participating in OCS 2107.

Will OCS feature Product Theaters?
Yes. Takeda is sponsoring the Breakfast Product Theater at 7 am in the Conference
Meeting Room. Breakfast will be provided to all nurse attendees who attend the
presentation. Exelixis is sponsoring the Lunch Product Theater at 12:10 pm in the
Conference Meeting Room. Breakfast will.be provided to all nurse attendees who attend
the presentation. No other breakfast or lunch option will be provided by OCS. Alternative
food option may be purchased at the hotel restaurants.

What do I have to do to get my CEUs?
Nurse registrants who attend the entire OCS 2017 and turn in completed evaluation forms
will receive a certificate for 8 CEUs. Nurse registrants may be able to receive additional
CEUs through The American Academy of CME and from Clinical Care Options by
completing the hard copy questionnaires and/or online evaluations for the respective
presentations. No CEUs are provided for partial attendance of OCS 2017 or for Product
Theater presentations. No certificates will be handed out prior to 5 pm.

Where do I collect my scholarship?
Nurses who have paid a reservation fee (and are not reimbursed by their employer) and
who have signed in at the conference in the early am will receive a money order for $100
along with their CEU certificate at the end of the conference (Foyer outside Gold
Ballroom). Checks and/or certificates will not be available until the conference ends
at 5 pm.. Anyone eligible for a scholarship check must be present to collect the check.
Checks will not be provided to “no shows” or to nurses who plan to depart before the
conference ends at 5 pm.

Where can I find more information on OCS 2017 (e.g. the agenda, presentation
objectives and slide decks as well as the speaker resumes)?

All conference information (agenda, speaker bios, presentation objectives, slide decks,
etc.) will be available online at the OCS website (site will launch in mid-August.) You
can download information from the site (hardcopy will not be provided at the
conference.) Visit: www.oncologycaresummit.com

Will the internet be available?
Free internet access will be available in the hotel lobby only. Internet access will not be
available in the Gold Ballroom. We strongly recommend that attendees download (or
print) the conference agenda, slide decks, and any additional information to their laptops,
iPads, and/or cell phones before coming to OCS 2017.

What will seating be like in the conference room?
Theater seating configuration (with no tables) will be used in the Conference Meeting
Room (Gold Ballroom Salons 1 & 2) in order to accommodate the approximately 400
nurse registrants. (There will be very limited seating available for exhibitors.)

Will breakfast, snacks, and lunch be provided?
A continental breakfast (Takeda Breakfast Product Theater) and a gourmet box lunch
(Exelixis Lunch Product Theater) will be provided to all nurse attendees in the
Conference Meeting Room (Gold Ball room (Salons 1 & 2). AM and PM Break snacks
will be available in the Learning Resource Center (Gold Ballroom Salons 3 & 4).
Alternative food options may be purchased at the hotel restaurants.

What is the Learning Resource Center?
The Learning Resource Center contains exhibits sponsored by 45 pharmaceutical and
other organizations. Registrants will have opportunities throughout the day to visit the
exhibits and learn about the latest oncology treatments and services.
The Learning Resource Center will be in the Gold Ballroom. (Salons 3 & 4 ).

What is the Passport and how does it work?
Each nurse registrant will receive a Passport at sign-in. Nurse registrants must visit and
collect stamps for their passport from all 45 exhibitors.. Completed passports will be
entered into a drawing for valuable prizes at the end of the conference. One entry per
nurse registrant. You must be present to win. Prizes are provided by GLAONS.
GLAONS Board Members are not eligible to participate.

Does OCS 2017 follow the ONCC OCN Blueprint?
OCS attempts to follow the ONCC Blueprint for the OCN certification exam when
deciding on presentation topics and content. For more information on the ONCC OCN
Blueprint, visit http://www.oncc.org/files/ocn blueprint.pdf

Do OCS 2017 presentations provide ILNA points?
The OCS 2017 presentations have been submitted to ONCC for consideration for ILNA
points. As soon as the results are received they will be posted on the OCS website. For
more information on ILNA points, qualification criteria, and how to determine
appropriate qualification for your specific needs, visit http://www.oncc.org/resource-

Is parking available at the JW Marriott Los Angeles LA LIVE?
Ample valet parking will be available at the hotel. There are two drop off points for valet
parking at the Marriott: at the front of the hotel on Olympic Blvd. and at the West Road
entrance. We strongly recommend the West Road entrance for drop off after 5 am as
it is directly across the entrance to the Gold Ballroom. Directions and a map are
posted on the conference website. (Use the Olympic Blvd. drop off if you are arriving
before 5 am.) GLAONS will provide discounted validation vouchers for on-site valet
parking for the time period of the conference ($16 for departures before 5 pm and $20 for
departures after 5 pm.). Be sure to get a discount validation voucher. (The vouchers are
not applicable for overnight parking.) You must pick up your car where you dropped it
off. Valet Parking will be heavily staffed for arrival and departure periods. West Road
valet parking will stay open 1 hour past the function end time (5:50/6pm).
In order to keep valet parking departure smooth, the hotel will provide a valet parking
cashier in the Gold Ballroom foyer so that attendees and exhibitors can pre-pay their valet
parking. This will allow for a quicker departure as everyone will be departing at the
same time. You can pay with cash or credit card.
If you prefer, self-parking is available at garages in the L.A. LIVE area. We also
encourage attendees and exhibitors to carpool or take mass transit if possible.

When and where is the 2 nd Annual GLAONS Oncology Care Summit (OCS)?
The 2 nd Annual GLAONS Oncology Care Summit (OCS) is planned for Saturday,
September 8, 2018 at the JW Marriott L.A. LIVE.

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